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Matt McCall

Matt McCall is the Chief Investment Analyst at InvestorPlace behind several newsletters including Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities, Matt McCall’s Early Stage Investor, and Cannabis Cash Weekly.

Matt also offers a free daily investment email, MoneyWire and is the host of a weekly podcast – MoneyLine.

Matt is also the founder of Penn Financial Group, an investment advisory firm and Crowdvest Securities, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer.

Matt is a former co-host of a daily investment show on Fox Business Network and was a contributor to the Fox News Channel. He appeared daily as a panelist on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne”. In the last 10 years Matt has over 1,500 television appearances. In addition to being with Fox Business from day one of the network, he also co-hosted the show “Real News” on the Blaze TV.

He has authored two investment books published by Wiley, “The Swing Trader’s Bible” and “The Next Great Bull Market”.

His extensive background in investing and the media has made him a highly sought-after speaker in the world of investments. His travels have taken him to several continents to share his expertise on investing.