You won't want to miss the 2023 GSA Investor Day! 

The biggest names in Gold and Silver will come together on February 26, 2023 to provide top-notch presentations. Attendees will hear from John Doody, Garrett Goggin, and Dr. Peter Megaw, along with CEO's, Directors, and top Executives from all 15 of our favorite mining companies.

This event is exclusive to Gold Stock Analyst and Silver Stock Analyst subscribers only. You won't want to miss this event - complete with a private sunset cruise along the breathtaking Intracoastal Waterway on Saturday, February 25th, 2023. You'll be able to mingle with your favorite sponsors throughout the day of the conference and at the closing cocktail reception. 

Your ticket will include...

  • Access to Top 10 Gold & Fave 5 Silver presentations
  • Special Keynote Speaker, Dr. Peter Megaw!
  • 60-Day Full Video Archive Access
  • Connect and network with the Sponsors!
  • Private Chartered Sunset Boat Cruise
  • Closing Cocktail Reception and much more...

15 of America’s top precious metals experts and CEOs will gather with John Doody to present a once-in-a-lifetime day of extraordinary opportunities…

Throughout every great nation… every dynasty… and every empire…

The ONLY asset that has truly stood the test of time is gold.

We live in a period of serious financial chaos.

Bonds are having their worst year in history…

What was once the third largest crypto exchange went bust – losing at least $1 billion of client funds…

Over 90% of tech stocks are in bear market territory…

And even blue-chip stocks like Home Depot (HD) and Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) aren’t bulletproof in this year’s market rout – they’re down more than 20%!

In this current environment, you need a rock of stability and GOLD is serving that purpose.

In fact, the ONLY asset that has truly stood the test of time is gold.

gold versus currencies chart

If you think, for some reason, that the United States is immune to this problem, you're kidding yourself. The U.S dollar just had its worst one-day decline in more than 15 years…

With America head over heels in debt, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar is at a 100-year low and inflation is STILL at its highest levels in nearly 40 years. Owning gold today is more important than ever… and it’s why some of the biggest names in investing are seeing the recent dip in gold prices as a huge buying opportunity for 2023.

Bridgewater Associates, founded by billionaire investor Ray Dalio, and the largest hedge fund in the world is buying up more gold due to “stagflation risk”…

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that several Central Banks around the globe have begun adding to their gold reserves at record levels – soaring to a 55-year high.

And David Einhorn, billionaire hedge fund manager and founder of Greenlight Capital, recently said he believes that gold is a buy now and it may go "much higher"…

He added,

“We believe the correct posture is to be bearish on stocks and bullish on inflation. Some are criticizing the Fed for tightening into a downturn, just wait until they are forced to loosen... At that point, it's best to have some gold."

Einhorn’s fund, which holds gold, has generated an impressive year-to-date return of 17.7%... at a time when the stock market and most hedge funds are losing investors’ money.

Not only that, gold has outperformed the stock market during most of our past recessions…

gold during recessions

And it’s the consistently best-performing asset in 2022 so far…

gold vs every other asset

It all points to 2023 as being an incredibly bullish year for gold and precious metals.

And on February 26th, Stansberry Research is gathering 15 of the biggest names in precious metals investing in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, to discuss exactly how to position your money to capture the largest potential profits.


Because industry insiders have turned to ONE expert for the industry’s top research, analysis and trade recommendations…

John Doody

Over the last 20+ years, no one on the planet has established a track record of identifying precious metal winners than Gold Stock Analyst founder, John Doody. 

His track record shows that since 2001, his recommendations averaged a 20% gain, doubling the gain of gold during the same time span.

It’s a track record that rivals greats like Warren Buffett.

And that's not some cherry-picked data set – that includes all of John's winners and losers – and it's also independently audited by an outside agency to ensure its authenticity.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, who delivered the opportunity for an incredible 995% gain on Seabridge Gold to his readers in 2005, has said:

“I mean it when I say that NOBODY knows more about the gold industry and is a better gold investor than John Doody.”

And analyst and bestselling author Jim Grant calls John “the gold mining authority.”

When you take his track record and industry connections into account, you’ll begin to see why.

Over the years, John has found countless individual stocks that have far outpaced the price of gold, like:

Arizona Star… +606%

Kirkland Lake Gold… +446%

Yamana Gold… +424%

Crystallex… +353%

Royal Gold… +397%

Gold Reserve… +266%

Goldfields… +209%

Canyon… +206%

Terrane Metals… +160%

Crown… +153%

European Goldfields… +148%

Ashanti… +131%

Silver Wheaton… +118%

Iamgold… +106%

Newmont… +102%

An economics professor for almost 20 years, John became interested in gold due to an innate distrust of politicians and concern over their habit of debasing the currency via inflationary economic policies.

After pioneering a new method of finding undervalued gold mining stocks, John launched Gold Stock Analyst in 1994 to make his research available to regular people. The results to date have been spectacular, with an average annual gain of 20% among our top 10 recommendations – and that includes bear markets.

John, like many others, believes that the government’s continued deficit spending and the Fed’s loose-money policies will fuel gold's rally and that silver (sometimes known as “gold on steroids”) could soon take off as well.

And today, we expect a number of companies like Franco Nevada and Seabridge Gold to have the potential to deliver returns far outpacing the gains investors could make from buying gold itself over the next few years.

So, if you’ve missed out on some of gold's gains over the past decade – or if you’re simply interested in potentially exceeding the gold boom we expect to see you there!