About The 2019 Vegas Conference

When you join us October 7th and 8th in Las Vegas, you’ll network with other Stansberry readers, listen to inspiring guest speakers, and learn new investment ideas from our brilliant experts and sponsors. For our 2019 conference you will hear from the likes of Dennis Miller, Garret Reisman (Astronaut, Space X) Roddy Boyd (SIRF, Investigative Journalist) Whitney Tilson, Chris Voss (former FBI negotiator)  P.J. O’Rourke, Porter Stansberry, Steve Sjuggerud, Dr. David Eifrig, and many more. As always, there will be some surprises to make this the most valuable conference you attend all year.

Our Mission

The goal of the Stansberry Conference Series is to present fantastic speakers who deliver brilliant ideas that can actually change your life. Our events are held in world-class locations where like-minded individuals can interact with one another and learn about innovative and inspiring ideas.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is one of the leading independent financial research firms in the world, delivering unbiased investment intelligence to self-directed investors seeking an edge in a wide variety of sectors. Stansberry Research employs over 12 analysts and researchers, including former hedge fund managers and buy-side analysts who publish proprietary insights to over 500,000 paying subscribers in over 120 countries worldwide.

What They're Saying

“You’re talking to the behind-the-scenes people; they’re the ones who make it happen. And being able to just have the interaction, I love it. It’s been the highlight of the conference.”

Joe M., Yorktown, VA

“The Stansberry Conference was a first rate event. It couldn’t have gone smoother and the audience was smart and full of energy. They were so easy to talk to.”

Turney Duff, Best Selling Author

“The Stansberry conference was unique insight into macro and micro technical issues, as well as into the psychological and emotional side of investing. Rare understanding of not only what to pursue, but what to avoid. Very valuable program.”

Andy Fastow, Former CFO of Enron

“As a speaker at the 2016 Stansberry Research Conference, I not only had the pleasure of sharing my stories with the large and engaged audience, I also was able to take in the other presentations. I loved the diverse set of topics and opinions and definitely came away with many pages of notes, and some great new contacts in the financial and political worlds, and beyond.”

Chris Davenport, World Champion Skier

“The Stansberry conference was an incredible mix of financial education and inspirational stories from men who have conquered Everest, called the house marketing blowup of 2008, and who have committed their lives to serving the United States. Even better, the attendees were a fascinating mix of good people from all over the world. Looking forward to next year already.”

Craig Ballantyne, Author and Fitness Expert

“Stansberry pulled together a world class gathering of experts and analysts. Everyone in attendance came away with insights into markets, elections, and global affairs rooted in both the data and a contrarian take on the conventional wisdom.”

Buck Sexton, Host of The Buck Sexton Show

“You guys never fail to amaze. The quality of the speakers, attendees and staff are simply the best I have seen anywhere. Love it!”

Richard Smith, Founder & CEO TradeSmith

“Where else can you sit next to a guy that climbed Everest, a hypnotist, a boat captain, and two hedge fund managers over food and drinks? The wide ranging conversations and unique characters and points of view bring me back every year.”

Meb Faber, CIO of Cambria Investment Management