MarketWise started in 1999 with one brand and the simple idea to publish intelligent, independent, insightful and in-depth investment research and treat the self-directed investor the way we would want to be treated. That simple idea worked and has guided our decisions ever since. Our companies provide our subscribers with the research, education and tools that they need to navigate the financial markets.

We have evolved significantly since our inception, expanding into a comprehensive suite of diversified investment research products and solutions from a variety of financial research companies. Today, MarketWise subsidiaries offer research across a variety of platforms, including desktop, laptop and mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, independent, and spirited investment research, as well as several software and analytical tools, on a subscription basis. MarketWise’s 90-plus editors cover a broad spectrum of investments – ranging from commodities to equities, to distressed debt and cryptocurrencies – offering 190 products on multiple platforms through 12 customer-facing brands.