Stansberry Asset Management

Stansberry Asset Management (SAM) is a fiduciary money manager that aims to be the best option for investors that value Stansberry Research and want to maintain that connection while working with a professional asset management company.

SAM is headed by Austin Root, the former Director of Research at Stansberry Research and Portfolio Manager of Portfolio Solutions. Austin and the SAM investment team use research published by Stansberry Research to guide our investment decisions.

SAM has a wide variety of clients. Some want to focus more on their demanding careers, do more travelling, or spend more time with loved ones. Others may be looking ahead, and see wisdom in having a plan in place before a decline in health.

Whatever the reason, we are a proud member of the Stansberry family and are here to serve investors that have reached a stage in life when it makes sense to work with a like-minded manager.