Ben Morris

Ben Morris is the editor of DailyWealth Trader (DWT).

An avid trader, Ben followed Stansberry Research for years as a subscriber before joining the company in 2012.

As editor of DWT, Ben's goal is to provide the best short-term and medium-term trading ideas. For example, he often shows his readers how to use simple options strategies to generate 20%-plus annualized returns on safe blue-chip stocks... And he shows readers how to make low-downside, high-upside speculations in "boom-and-bust" sectors like commodities, biotech, and emerging markets.

Over the years, DWT readers had the opportunity to make 24 winning short-term trades on fast-food giant McDonald's, without a single loser. They had the opportunity to make 80% in less than a year on aluminum maker Alcoa... 58% in six months on a biotech fund... and even 47% on a low-risk trade in U.S. Treasurys.

Ben has helped DailyWealth Trader become one of the most successful, most popular financial services in America. He also frequently contributes to DailyWealth and the Stansberry Digest.

Prior to working at Stansberry Research, Ben graduated from Northeastern University's business school. He spent his early career in international real estate as an agent and investor. He lived in both Spain and Costa Rica, is fluent in Spanish, and has spent time in more than a dozen other countries.