Bill McGilton

Bill McGilton is the editor for Stansberry’s Big Trade – our speculative options trading service aimed at profiting from the worst corporate credit and companies with broken business models in America.

Bill joined Stansberry Research in 2014. He’s been a lawyer for the past 16 years. Most of his experience is in corporate litigation doing research. His background includes securities, contracts, anti-trust, options backdating, foreign exchange fixing, and trademark and patent infringement. Typically, he worked on behalf of large commercial banks and large publicly traded companies. He also served as legal advisor on various U.S. government reform programs in developing countries.

Bill is an expert at analyzing legal documents and goes through the bond documents for Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities. On the flip side, he works on distressed debt opportunities in Stansberry’s Big Trade. Bill holds a bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degree. He is also a senior analyst and contributes to our flagship research service Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.