Bill Shaw

Bill Shaw is the editor of Commodity Supercycles and Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor. Since joining Stansberry Research in 2015, Bill has been traveling the globe searching for the best investment ideas in the commodities and natural resources space. With Commodity Supercycles, Bill and his team analyze a broad range of sectors including oil and gas, base and precious metals, and agriculture equities. He looks at macroeconomic indicators to determine the next winners in this highly cyclical space. As editor of Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor, Bill shows his readers how to hedge their portfolios by placing a portion of their investible capital into gold bullion and precious metals stocks. Thus, giving his readers insurance in case of a financial crisis. Before joining Stansberry Research, Bill earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University in environmental resource management. He spent more than a decade in various land development management roles for residential homebuilders – obtaining permits and designing and constructing new communities. At one point he managed a $100 million portfolio of land assets. Bill enjoys spending his free time outdoors. Bill is also a regular contributing analyst for our flagship publication, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.