Clint Laurent

Dr. Clint Laurent is the Founder and Managing Director at Global Demographics. Global Demographics’ online database and apps provide forecasts of the demographic profile of 75 countries, 31 provinces and 625 cities of China. The forecasts, which run from 2016 to 2035 (with historic data from 2005) include the basic demographic profile (age, by gender), births, deaths, migration, households, labour force, household income distribution and expenditure patterns. The apps allow users to vary assumptions and see the impact of those changes on other variables. The company was formed in 1997 (as Asian Demographics Ltd) and has been building its databases, forecast models, and reports since then – originally for countries in Asia, and then, as a result of client demand, for countries throughout the world. After 18 years of development, the coverage is now 75 countries including China and India (each being around 20% of the world’s population) by sub regions (in the case of China, down to all 2,852 counties). The databases are comprehensive in their coverage extending beyond basic demographics to also provide profiles of households, lifecycle stages of the population, labor force, education of population and workforce, distribution of households by income, and how that money is spent by income level. Thereby it provides a unique single source profile of the future nature of the consumer aspects of each economy. The databases, forecast models, and forecast process are proprietary to Global Demographics. The models are continuously improved, and the equations are re estimated every time new data is added to a country/region data file.