Cullen Roche

Cullen Roche founded Pragmatic Capitalism in 2008 to provide an alternative perspective to finance and economics. The financial crisis exposed some major flaws in the way we manage investment portfolios and think about economics. As an independent financial analyst and portfolio manager, Cullen brought some unique views to the way we perform financial and economic analysis.

In addition to predicting the housing bust, he also expressed the wildly unpopular contrarian view that quantitative easing would not cause high inflation or rising interest rates. Cullen’s exceptional understanding of the monetary system and financial markets has allowed him to provide contrarian and valuable insights in a world that is filled with opaque salesmanship. Cullen’s worry is that our society is deeply confused about money and finance. His hope is that readers find the resources educational and enlightening. “I know I can’t change the world with my views,” he says, “but maybe I can help a few people better navigate this confusing world.”