David “Doc” Eifrig

Dr. David Eifrig, also fondly know as “Doc”, is the editor of Retirement Millionaire, a monthly advisory which shows readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less money than you’d imagine possible. He is also the editor of Retirement Trader, a trading advisory which shows readers a safe way to double or triple the gains in your retirement account, with much less risk. He is also the editor of Income Intelligence, a monthly investment advisory which shows investors how to expertly time their purchases to maximize their returns. Before joining Stansberry Research in 2008, Dr. Eifrig worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan, and Yamaichi in Japan. In 1995, Dr. Eifrig retired from Wall Street, went to UNC-Chapel Hill medical school, and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest “retirement,” he joined Stansberry Research full-time to share his experiences and ideas with readers.