Grant Williams
In the high-frequency, fractions-of-a-penny, every-nano-second-counts world of finance, Grant Williams stands apart with his impenetrable focus on the long-term. Whether it be through his long-running newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmm…, his wildly popular podcast series The Grant Williams Podcast, or his cinematic, documentary-quality interview series About Time, Grant is on a mission to bring relevant, mind-shifting insight to audiences around the globe.

Grant is a familiar name in the industry, having spent decades in a variety of roles across an even greater variety of time zones. His banking and advisory experience, enlivened with a detective’s curiosity and an irrepressible sense of humor, have afforded Grant a reach and network unlike any other. The warmth of this network and Grant’s authentic passion for “the interview” are on full display in each of his publications, which consistently draw an enthusiastic, loyal following.

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