Mark Spitznagel

Mark Spitznagel is the founder, owner, and Chief Investment Officer of the multi-billion dollar hedge fund management company Universa Investments, L.P., based in Miami, Florida. Mark’s 20-year investment career has spanned from Morgan Stanley proprietary trader (head of equity options in the Process Driven Trading group) to partner and President at Empirica Capital LLC to independent pit-trader at the Chicago Board of Trade (the youngest local in the bond pit). Considered one of Wall Streets most bearish and successful investors, Mark’s fund produces consistent gains including a 30% gain in 2013 and has been up every year since 2008.

Mark is an author and his most recent book is called The Dao of Capital; Austrian Investing in a Distorted World which gives an in-depth study of economics and human nature, the inevitable result of which is the philosophy of building a successful enterprise through the understanding of the roundabout, and learning to delay gratification to gain an advantage down the road.


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