Richard Smith

Dr. Richard Smith is CEO and Founder of TradeSmith, LLC and a champion of individual investors. Dr.
Smith began investing while pursuing his PhD in systems science during the dotcom boom. Like a lot
of investors, he suffered through the highs and lows of that extremely volatile time in the markets.

After some intense soul‐searching, Dr. Smith knew he had but two choices: throw his savings at a
financial advisor and walk away, or take responsibility for his mistakes and learn from them. No less
than 25,000 happy customers are glad he made the second choice!

Beginning with a simple program to track fixed‐percentage trailing stops, Dr. Smith’s company now
provides individual investors with sophisticated, yet easy‐to‐use tools to make better decisions, risk
less and make more with stocks and crypto assets.

Dr. Smith is an in‐demand speaker who is able to cut through the noise to help individual investors
better quantify risk and use market volatility to their advantage.