Trish Regan

Trish Regan

Award Winning Journalist

Trish Regan

Trish Regan is one of America’s brightest and most recognized conservative thought leaders. As an award-winning journalist, television anchor, opinion columnist, and author, Trish brings specific insight into the issues facing the world economy and American businesses today.

Trish is host of Trish Intel – a daily program dedicated to economic and political truth. She is also a columnist for several publications, including the fast-growing, new online digital venture American Consequences. An outspoken advocate for the First Amendment, Trish stresses the importance of intellectual diversity and the ability for all voices to be heard. 

Throughout her career, Trish has interviewed numerous heads of state, including multiple U.S. presidents, vice presidents, fortune 500 CEOs, and other institutional, charitable, and government leaders. 

Prior to her newest position, Trish was an Anchor at Fox News and Fox Business. She joined the networks in 2015 as the host of the daily markets program, The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan on FBN. Amid tremendous ratings growth, Regan moved her program to primetime, where she became the only woman in cable TV at that time to host a primetime show. Trish Regan Primetime grew primetime ratings to a level never before seen in the history of Fox Business

While at the network, Trish made headlines multiple times, including during her four interviews with President Trump. Fluent in three languages, Trish was the first journalist in the history of Fox News to conduct an interview live, in Spanish, with simultaneous translation. Juan Guaido, recognized as president of Venezuela, gave his exclusive and first U.S. television interview to Trish, live from Caracas where he was in hiding. 

Trish anchored all of Fox Business’ primetime election coverage in 2016, including both the democrat and republican conventions. In November 2015, Trish moderated the network’s inaugural Republican Presidential Primary Debate, making history as part of the first female team to host a presidential debate.

Trish held a similar role at Bloomberg television where she led all political coverage for the network during the 2012 election. She was also the anchor of the daily market close program Street Smart with Trish Regan. Prior to Bloomberg, Trish was an Anchor on CNBC, co-hosting a market day program as well as numerous primetime specials at the network including the two highest rated in the network’s history.

While at Bloomberg and Fox, Trish worked as a columnist at USA Today, publishing a twice monthly economic column in the newspaper. 

Trish has been the recipient of several awards. She was twice nominated for Emmy awards in investigative journalism and documentary work. In addition, the Society of Professional Journalists has honored Trish for her broadcast reporting.

Trish is a cum laude graduate of Columbia University, and an honors graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. While pursuing her degree in U.S. history at Columbia, Regan worked at Goldman Sachs in the fixed income division’s emerging debt markets group. She credits her early background in global sovereign debt markets for sparking her interest in financial journalism. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Trish resides with her family in the New York area.